Workshops & Events

The Library serves as host to many workshops and events aimed at students and/or faculty. Some are presented by Librarians, others by contributing Faculty or visiting presenters. Check for a list of upcoming workshops and other events.

  • Student Success Workshops are:
    • Offered to provide students with helpful information that they might not get in class.
    • Not graded, no assignments, no pressure!
    • Just drop in; no pre-registration!
    • They're free!
    • Topics vary.
    • Some instructors may offer bonus points for attendance.
  • Workshops for faculty may be:
    • In-house workshops or
    • Links and information on professional workshops offered by other organizations, held either locally or nationwide.
  • Other events may include:
    • Film Festivals
    • Poetry Readings
    • Special Presentations
Click on a workshop or event for more information!