River Parishes Community College Library

User Services

Circulation Services

We lend most books, audio/visual items, and other materials to current students, faculty & staff.

  • Students:
    • May borrow up to ten items at a time, up to four of which may be audio/visual items; reserve items are limited to two at a time.
    • Books circulate for twenty-eight days, and may be renewed.
    • Audio/visual items check out for two days, and may also be renewed.
  • Faculty:
    • May borrow up to twenty items at a time.
    • Books are borrowed for the semester.
    • Audio/visual materials check out to faculty for seven days.
  • Renewals may be made:
    • In person,
    • Online; see Renew Your Library Materials Online,
    • By phone (call 225-743-8550) during normal business hours, or
    • By e-mail via Library@rpcc.edu; please be sure to include your full name or LoLA ID number in your request, and allow time for a reply after hours.
    • NOTE: no item may be renewed past the last date of the semester.
  • Items that do not circulate outside of the Library include reference materials, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Overdue fine for books and multi-media is $.35 per day, per item, with a maximum fine of $15.00 per item.
  • Overdue fine for Reserve items, including headphones and calculators, is $6.00 per HOUR, per item, with a maximum fine of $25.00 per item.
  • Items that have not been returned by the date that the maximum fine is reached will be assumed lost, resulting in a bill for the replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee per item.

User Instruction

  • Individual Instruction:
    • Professional librarians and staff will instruct library users in the use of available information resources, both print and electronic, and in the use of equipment in the Library
    • Get help:
      • In person,
      • Via e-mail (Library@rpcc.edu), or
      • By phone: 225-743-8550
  • Tutorials & Resource-Specific Help
  • Course-Integrated Instruction:
    • Available for classes at the instructor’s request
    • May be general in nature or related to a specific assignment
    • Request form available for instructors under Faculty Services or at the Circulation Desk
  • Information Literacy Course:
    • This 1-credit course is offered every semester
    • Transfers to LSU & SLU, and may transfer to other 4-year colleges and universities
    • Provides students with in-depth instruction on locating, evaluating and using information resources, with emphasis on RPCC Library resources

Reserve Services

  • Instructors may place materials on reserve for the use of their students.
  • Such items circulate for a limited time, ranging from two hours, library use only, to overnight, as determined by the instructor.
  • Students may borrow up to two reserve items at a time.
  • Other items that are available on Reserve include scientific and graphing calculators, and headphones; these items are borrowed for four hours.
  • ALL reserve items MUST be checked out for use.
  • Overdue fine for Reserve items is $6.00 per HOUR.

InterLibrary Borrowing & LALINC

  • InterLibrary Borrowing
    • Students, faculty and staff may request items that are not available in the RPCC Library collections.
    • We locate potential sources for such items and request to borrow them for our users.
    • Please be sure to request needed materials far enough in advance to allow for delivery of the materials.
    • Policy
    • InterLibrary Borrowing Request Form: download to complete form electronically; may be saved and sent via e-mail or printed and submitted to Library staff.
    • LALINC is the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium, a partnership of libraries and other organizations throughout the state formed to develop cooperation of library services and sharing of resources.
      • Faculty and certain students from member institutions may be allowed to borrow certain materials from libraries at other member institutions.
      • Please see a Librarian for more information and to get a LALINC card; cards are issued on a semester basis.
  • Reference Services

    Library Services provides Reference Services for students, faculty & staff. Librarians and staff will help users find resources and information to help them complete class assignments or fulfill other information needs.
    Reference inquiries may be made:

    • In person,
    • By phone (225-743-8550) during regular hours, or
    • By e-mail, to Library@rpcc.edu, any time; requests sent by e-mail should receive a response within 24 hours or by the next business day if received when the Library is closed, or