River Parishes Community College Library

Faculty Services

  • Course-Integrated Instruction: Faculty may request sessions for general library orientation or specific instruction in the use of certain resources as needed for their classes. Please use the form below to request sessions:
  • Course Reserves: Faculty may request that materials be placed on Reserve for the use of their students; they may supply personal copies or request items from our collection.
  • InterLibrary Borrowing: please submit one form per item to Library Services to request items from other libraries.
  • Proctored Testing: Please complete the form below, and with the appropriate test, one form per student, per test, and submit it to Library Services. NOTE: We will NOT accept tests delivered by students.
  • Purchase Requests: Submit the completed form, below, to request items for addition to the Library’s collection.

*Note that fillable forms may not work as expected in all browsers. Download to complete and submit as needed.

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2017 Open Educational Resources Booklet

  • PDF Version
  • MS Word 2013 Version (zipped)

    The MS Word 2013 version is not compatible with Google Docs or browsers due to special formatting of the fonts, I think. I have zipped it for you to download, but if you do not want the zip file, please email Library@rpcc.edu for a Word version via email attachment (11MB).