River Parishes Community College Library

User Services

Circulation Services

We lend most books, audio/visual items, and other materials to current students, faculty & staff.

  • Students:
    • May borrow up to ten items at a time, up to four of which may be audio/visual items; reserve items are limited to two at a time.
    • Books circulate for twenty-eight days, and may be renewed.
    • Audio/visual items check out for two days, and may also be renewed.
  • Faculty:
    • May borrow up to twenty items at a time.
    • Books are borrowed for the semester.
    • Audio/visual materials check out to faculty for seven days.
  • Renewals may be made:
    • In person,
    • Online; see Renew Your Library Materials Online,
    • By phone (call 225-743-8550) during normal business hours, or
    • By e-mail via Library@rpcc.edu; please be sure to include your full name or LoLA ID number in your request, and allow time for a reply after hours.
    • NOTE: no item may be renewed past the last date of the semester.
  • Items that do not circulate outside of the Library include reference materials, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Overdue fine for books and multi-media is $.35 per day, per item, with a maximum fine of $15.00 per item.
  • Overdue fine for Reserve items, including headphones and calculators, is $6.00 per HOUR, per item, with a maximum fine of $25.00 per item.
  • Items that have not been returned by the date that the maximum fine is reached will be assumed lost, resulting in a bill for the replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee per item.

User Instruction

  • Individual Instruction:
    • Professional librarians and staff will instruct library users in the use of available information resources, both print and electronic, and in the use of equipment in the Library
    • Get help:
      • In person,
      • Via e-mail (Library@rpcc.edu), or
      • By phone: 225-743-8550
  • Tutorials & Resource-Specific Help
  • Course-Integrated Instruction:
    • Available for classes at the instructor’s request
    • May be general in nature or related to a specific assignment
    • Request form available for instructors under Faculty Services or at the Circulation Desk
  • Information Literacy Course:
    • This 1-credit course is offered every semester
    • Transfers to LSU & SLU, and may transfer to other 4-year colleges and universities
    • Provides students with in-depth instruction on locating, evaluating and using information resources, with emphasis on RPCC Library resources

Reserve Services

  • Instructors may place materials on reserve for the use of their students.
  • Such items circulate for a limited time, ranging from two hours, library use only, to overnight, as determined by the instructor.
  • Students may borrow up to two reserve items at a time.
  • Other items that are available on Reserve include scientific and graphing calculators, and headphones; these items are borrowed for four hours.
  • ALL reserve items MUST be checked out for use.
  • Overdue fine for Reserve items is $6.00 per HOUR.

InterLibrary Borrowing & LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing

  • InterLibrary Borrowing
    • Students, faculty and staff may request items that are not available in the RPCC Library collections.
    • We locate potential sources for such items and request to borrow them for our users.
    • Please be sure to request needed materials far enough in advance to allow for delivery of the materials.
    • Policy
    • InterLibrary Borrowing Request Form: download to complete form electronically; may be saved and sent via e-mail or printed and submitted to Library staff.
  • LOUIS and Reciprocal Borrowing
    • LOUIS is the Louisiana Library Network Consortium, a partnership of academic libraries and other organizations throughout the state formed to develop cooperation of library services and sharing of resources. Its members have agreed to provide borrowing privileges to qualified users from other member institutions. Qualified users, after obtaining a LOUIS card from their library, may visit other member libraries to borrow materials.
      • Faculty and certain students from member institutions may be allowed to borrow certain materials from libraries at other member institutions.
      • Please see a Librarian or contact Library@rpcc.edu for more information and to get a LOUIS card; cards are issued on a semester basis.
  • Reference Services

    Library Services provides Reference Services for students, faculty & staff. Librarians and staff will help users find resources and information to help them complete class assignments or fulfill other information needs.
    Reference inquiries may be made:

    • In person,
    • By phone (225-743-8550) during regular hours, or
    • By e-mail, to Library@rpcc.edu, any time; requests sent by e-mail should receive a response within 24 hours or by the next business day if received when the Library is closed, or